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Tobias Vetter
Founder & CEO
Experience - Passion - Know-how
As a mountain bike pro, Tobi was on the road weekend after weekend in his T4 to competitions. After graduating, he spent a year travelling through Europe with a California Coach and his dog Lucy. 15 years later, he was looking for the perfect bus conversion and was disappointed to discover: not that much has changed since then. The beds are still too small, the mattresses are pieced together, the interior is too cramped and there is no space on board for bikes or boards!

So he formulated his demands on a blackboard:
1. Perfect bed - no compromise on size and comfort
2. Real kitchen - proper worktop, large sink and decent fridge
3. Variable use - space for bikes, boards, dog & everyday cargo

The 3D software was launched and Good Life Vans was born.
Today Good Life Vans is proud of its team. Competence and passion, fairness, heart and togetherness at eye level - that is the formula through which good things are created...

Isabel Werdin
Social Media & Marketing
Marco Köhler
Good Life Vans Team
f.l. Martin Majercik - Project Manager Bratislava; Klaus Dubovy - Sales Austria; Stephan Karrer - GF Production Augsburg; Tobias Vetter - Founder; Marco Köhler - GF Production Frankfurt; Steffen Wagner - Project Manager Frankfurt; Martin Ondreas - GF Production Bratislava; Matthias Gerber - GF Production Cologne; Karl Demharter - Project Manager Augsburg; Jenik Lang - Project Manager Cologne; Markus Schapfl - Production Augsburg

Your bus is a camper

... and it's waiting for you to bring it to life. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

Viewing possibilities: Oldenburg, Berlin, Weimar, Cologne, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich, Vienna
08171 - 3654624
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