Take the bikes completely in the interior

Just pack your valuable bikes in your bus

Fixing bicycles in the bus

With the Good Life quick release you can transport 2 bicycles in the interior of your bus. The bicycles do not have to be dismantled. To have more space, you can simply fold up the bench seat. This creates a wide centre aisle.

The bikes are attached to the seat post with a screw clamp. Now you only have to fix the front and rear wheel to the airline rails with a tension belt.

The CNC-milled aluminium holding system comes from "Bike Holder", among others, and is completely flexible. The ball head is particularly interesting. If you loosen the screw on the side, the holder can be moved freely and fixed at any point. If you want to transport two bikes, simply screw a second one onto the existing bracket.



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When clicked, this video is loaded from the YouTube servers. For details see privacy policy.

Stow your bike safely in the bus interior

In this video we explain how you can securely fix your bicycle in the Good Life Van Camper module in a short time. With the bicycle carrier, racing bikes, e-bikes and mountain bikes can be transported inside your bus without having to remove the wheels.

Single bed for Bike&Board At night in bus

In this video you see not only our new bike rack, but also our "Single Biker" version. The bed is optionally between 80 and 90 cm wide and you can keep your valuable bike or surfboard also at night in your camper van.

NEW: the concept for single bikers

With the 80 - 90 cm wide bed your bike stays in the van even at night
Module Camper with single bed and bike holder

Motorhomes for your next adventure

Van conversion for skiers, bikers, surfers & nature lovers
Discover the Good Life theme worlds
Stow skis and snowboards easily in the interior of the Camper Van. With the Camper Module, this can be done quickly and easily.

Winter weekend
with fun in the snow

Stow your skis safely and cleanly in the van and off you go to the slopes. Discover why you won't want to miss our module on your ski adventures ...
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Two bicycles can be transported in the interior of the Van Extension Camper Module. The bicycles do not have to be dismantled.

Bike into the van and
towards the sun

You can fix 2 bikes in the bus without dismantling and that takes less than 30 seconds. Bikers who love their bikes trust Good Life Vans ...
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Surfer van extension scaled

Surfing without compromise
and restrictions

Never again fail at the 2 m parking hurdle: Surfboard into the van and off to freedom. Of course, with the bed and kitchen fully functional ...
Coming soon ...
Good Life Vans Perspectivan

Landvergnügen - Germany's most beautiful campsites

Find safe and romantic campsites in beautiful nature with your camper. We show you how to do it and what you need to bear in mind ...
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Your bus is a camper

... and it's waiting to be brought to life by you. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

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