VW T5 Camper conversion with a Camper Module from Good Life Vans

With our van conversion, we transform your bus into a flexible motorhome.

Your T5 becomes a real camper van with a conversion without compromise

Camper module for VW T5 short wheelbase and T5 long wheelbase
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VW T5 Bus as a basis for camper conversion

The VW T5 is the ideal base vehicle for a camper extension. It has no teething problems, serious - used vehicles in good condition are available on the market and the many equipment variations cover all needs. The VW T5 short wheelbase was sold the most and accordingly many camper extension variations exist for this model. If you first want to buy a vehicle as a camper, you could also choose a VW T5 long wheelbase. The VW bus will be exactly 40 cm longer. The vehicle remains fully suitable for everyday use and about 90% of the parking spaces you can still use well. In the interior, the 40 cm make a significant difference in a camper. This is especially interesting for campers who have, for example, a large dog with them. 

The VW T5 short wheelbase extension is of course more flexible and maneuverable, especially in inner cities, so you will have a lot of fun with your camper. The VW T5 camper should have rotating front seats. If your t5 does not have that yet, we can easily retrofit that for you.

VW T5 camper van for Multivan, Transporter, Caravelle

Each version of the VW T5 has advantages and disadvantages for a camper conversion. If you want to convert a VW T5 Transporter as a camper extension, you can design all aspects very freely and individually. But a camper conversion costs time, money, patience, dedication and of course some nerves. A T5 Multivan or Caravelle bus have the advantage that the side walls and partly also the floor and the ceiling are covered. In addition, enddröhungsmaßnahmen have already been made from the factory. So if you want to invest little work and time in your camper, our recommendation would be to convert a T5 Multivan or the Caravelle as a T5 camper. If you want to build a perfect all-season camper, the VW T5 Transporter is probably the better choice. Then we can install a complete sound and heat insulation and because of the missing plastic trim parts, we even have more space in the interior.

Of course, we can also insulate the buses for you and install all the electrics.

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Good Life Vans Camper Module for each model

But no matter which T5 bus you choose. The camper module of Good Life Vans fits into any of the above T5 variations and is guaranteed to make every T5 bus a real camper. This is made possible by our special base plate. The VW bus differs namely among other things by the different seat mounting systems from each other. The Multivan, for example, has seat rails installed, while the Caravelle and the Transporter have firmly screwed seat mounting points. So the basis for your T5 Camper is exactly this floor plate. You can simply insert it into any model of your T5 and have created the basis for the camper expansion.

The camper modules are then simply and easily screwed onto this base plate. If you want to use your T5 camper in everyday life and need more space, our camper module offers several options. On the one hand, for example, the bed-kitchen unit can be quickly detached with a few screws. 2 people can then lift out the unit and you have created huge storage space in your T5 camper. On the other hand, the seat boxes are also easily removed in a few minutes.

Optionally, we can make a part of the floor panel removable in the area of the sliding door. Then you can even use one of the original VW seats in everyday life and thus be on the road for three. 

Our camper module also fits in your bus

If you are still planning to buy a bus, you will find valuable information here on bus conversions and options for various basic vehicles.

VW T5 Camper conversion 

Your VW T5 becomes a real camper van with a conversion without compromise - the ideal base vehicle for a camper conversion with everyday qualities.

VW T6 Camper conversion

Good Life Vans has developed a camper module that allows you to transform your VW T6 into a real camper van quickly, sustainably and easily.

VW T6.1 Camper conversion

VW T6.1 Camper conversion - the current model from VW, which perfectly combines all the advantages of a motorhome. For your used vehicle or as a "Pure" complete vehicle from us.

Opel Vivaro Camper

The Opel Vivaro is also ideally suited for camper conversion and for a small budget it offers a good starting point to become your dream camper.

Renault Trafic Camper

Due to similar interior dimensions, the Renault Trafic is also a good candidate for a camper conversion. With the Good Live module, the Renault Trafic becomes an affordable camper. 

Mercedes Vito Camper

The Mercedes Vito is almost on a par with the VW models. It is ideally suited for camper conversions and can be perfectly configured.

Your bus is a camper

... and it's waiting to be brought to life by you. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

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